Road Program 2023 - Part 2 (Updated 11/9/2023)

NOTE: Schedule weather & material dependent 

At the July 18th Board of Supervisors Meeting, the 2023 Road Program Part 2 Base and Alternates List of Roads were given authorization to go out to bid.  At the Special Board Meeting on August 30th, the Board of Supervisors awarded the Road Program 2023 Part 2 (Base and Alternates) to James D. Morrissey in the amount of $2,829,969.05.

Here is the tentative schedule for road paving for the next two weeks:

  • New Road Completed
  • Stringer Drive Completed
  • Saddle Drive Completed 
  • Bridle Drive Completed 
  • Turkey Lane 3" Binder Completed 
  • Farm House Lane 3" Binder Completed
  • Pebble Hill Road Completed 
  • Wilkshire Road Completed
  • Lynbrook Lane Completed 
  • Willowbrook Drive Completed
  • Squirrel Road Completed 
  • Paxson Road Completed 
  • Tremont Avenue Completed 
  • Sheridan Road Completed
  • Bedford Avenue Completed 
  • Philena Avenue Completed 
  • Pickwick Drive Completed 
  • Sunset View Drive Completed 
  • Vale View Drive Completed 
  • Trafalgar Road Completed
  • Autumn Leaf Drive Completed 11/9 & 11/10
  • Cottonwood Court Completed 11/9 & 11/10
  • East Sandy Ridge Road Completed
  • Sterling Crest Court Completed 11/10 & 10/14
  • Tracy Drive Completed
  • Julie Lane Completed 
  • Shady Grove Circle Completed 
  • Buttonwood Lane Completed 
  • Buttonwood Lane Completed 
  • Sycamore Way Completed
  • Ash Way Completed Completed
  • Iron Hill Road (South) Completed 
  • Fiaba Court Completed 
  • Bella Circle Completed
  • Fox Hill Road Completed C
  • Maple Lane Completed
  • Iron Hill Road (North) Completed 
  • Broad Street Mill and Fill, overlay 11/13 11/13

Below is the list of roads including in the Part 2 Base and the Part 2 Alternates:


Road Program 2023- Part 1 (Completed)

At the March 21st Board of Supervisors Meeting, the 2023 Road Program Part 1 Project was authorized to go out to bid on the project. At the April 18th Board Meeting, the Supervisors awarded the bid to James D. Morrissey, Inc. in the amount of $927,119.20 for Part 1 of 2023 Road Program.  

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