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Emergency Management

Pennsylvania being a “Commonwealth” delegates the responsibility for all emergency services and disasters to the lowest form of government. All boroughs and townships are responsible to handle all emergency response issues until they are overwhelmed, at which point assistance can be requested from the next higher form of government.

An example of a possible emergency would be a chemical spill on Rt.611 where a vapor cloud forces the evacuation of a residential neighborhood, extensive storm damage, or a large fire in an apartment complex, again forcing the relocation of residents.

This means that Doylestown Township is required to be prepared to deal with all emergency situations until the incident becomes so large Township resources are exhausted or specialist assistance is needed. When this point is reached assistance would be requested from the County; if the County becomes overwhelmed State and then Federal assistance would be brought on line.

Telephone & Email Directory

Name Title Telephone
Sinclair Salisbury
Emergency Management Coordinator 215-348-9915
Rick Schea
Fire Marshal/Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator 215-348-9915