Doylestown Township residents looking to improve their landscapes can benefit from the free on-site advice offered by the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC). This service promotes the use of native plants, which are well-suited to the local environment and offer numerous advantages such as water conservation, reduced maintenance, fewer chemicals, and increased wildlife presence.

The EAC will evaluate your property, considering factors like soil, sunlight, and moisture levels, and provide tailored recommendations for plant selection and garden design. They also offer guidance on sustainable practices like water conservation and natural pest control. By choosing native plants, you can create a beautiful, eco-friendly garden that supports local biodiversity and saves on maintenance costs. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact the Doylestown Township EAC to schedule a consultation.

Contact us today! Send us an email at info@doylestownpa.org.  When responding to this flyer, please use the following  subject line in your email: ‘Native Plant Consult’.  

This will help us efficiently process your application.

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