Written comments will be accepted by Doylestown Township for a thirty (30) day period between September 27, 2023 and October 27, 2023.

The Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority, on behalf of Doylestown Township, has prepared the Act 537 Plan Update to address the present and future sewage disposal needs of Doylestown Township. The update includes summaries on previous planning, physical and demographic conditions, existing wastewater facilities, future growth and development, sewage disposal alternatives, implementation and a institutional evaluation. At this time, the Board of Supervisors proposes to adopt the plan update following the 30-day public comment period. A copy of the Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan Update can be viewed at the Township office or on the our website. 

View Doylestown Township ACT 537 Plan Update

Please be aware that it has been a state requirement since 1966 that every municipality in the Commonwealth have a sewage facilities plan. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) approves every municipal plan in the Commonwealth.   The ACT 537 Plans help address existing sewage disposal needs and help prevent future problems through proper planning, permitting and design of all types of sewage facilities.

The Township’s current plan was approved by the PA DEP in 2000 and has had a number of amendments over the years. The PA DEP requested the Township update our current plan. The Township is working with Carroll Engineering and the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority to update the plan. The plan requires the Township to review existing conditions, like soil condition, malfunctioning on-lot systems, and accessibility to existing public sewers. Our Public Water and Sewer Advisory Committee made up of volunteer residents has worked closely with the engineer to prepare this update.

Although, the plan has proposed project areas in a five-year, ten-year and beyond outlined it is one of the PA DEP requirements. In addition, PA DEP requires that a plan provide information on estimated costs. Please don’t let these costs frighten you.  It should be noted that although a plan document outlines the above there is no approved project for an area just because it’s identified in the plan. Once PA DEP approves an updated 537 Plan for a Community it can take years for a project to come to fruition. During that time a municipality works with each neighborhood to develop an actual design, find grants and loans to bring a project forward and try and make it as affordable as possible.  This is what our Township has done for past projects. Again, at this time, we’re only in the planning process.

As part of that planning process, we welcome you to share your thoughts about the updated plan.

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