Doylestown Township passed Ordinance No. 299 in 2001.

This ordinance requires all residents who currently have on-lot disposal systems (septic systems) to have them inspected by a Doylestown Township approved pumper/hauler/installer every three years. And, if you also have a private well for water to have it tested for coliform (E-Coli) every three years.

Why You Need Your Septic System Inspected.

Protect your property value.

An unkept septic system can lower your property’s value and could potentially cost you in legal liabilities.

Protect our eco-system

Contaminated wastewater poses a threat to our local environment. Malfunctioning septic systems can disperse bacteria and toxins to our natural waterways, which in turn can spread into our towns wildlife, endangering native plants and species.

Protect you and your neighbors health.

Wastewater can contain disease causing bacteria and toxic chemicals. If maintained properly, a septic system will filter and remove most of these dangerous substances. Otherwise, it can leak causing groundwater contamination, spreading disease to yourself and your neighbors in various ways.

What You Need To Know

Starting on April 30, 2021, there will no longer be geographically based cycles. The program will be administered by mail notice on a basis of permit status.

So, you no longer have to keep track of what cycle you’re in or when you need inspection. Just keep your eye out for a notification card from the township in your mail.                      (As seen on the right)

When your current On-Lot-Disposal Inspection Permit expires, this reminder will notify you that your septic system is due for inspection by the end of the year.

Mail Notification Card

Keep in mind that it is best to have your private well water tested around the same time you are having your septic system inspected, as it is also required by Ordinance #299.

***If you do not comply within a reasonable time, another reminder will be sent to you. Failure to comply multiple times may result in legal action and you could be fined.***

Pumper Hauler

The pumper/hauler is required to submit a pumper’s report to the township and should give the homeowner a copy of that report. The information is kept on file at the Township. Pumping must occur from the manhole. Pumping cannot occur from the inspection port. In some instances, the Township may not receive the pumper’s report from your pumper. Please do not be alarmed if you receive a letter from the Township stating that you didn’t comply with the ordinance. Should you receive one of these letters, please contact your service provider to resend the pumper’s report to the Township.

Water Tests

Residents also must have their water tested for Coliform Bacteria every three years. Please be advised that the Bucks County Health Department performs these well water tests for $20 or you may use a private water testing company.  The homeowner shall provide a copy of the water test results to the Township in accordance with the ordinance.  IT IS THE HOMEOWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO FORWARD THIS TEST TO THE TOWNSHIP REGARDLESS OF THE RESULTS OF THE TEST.  Water testing facilities including the county Bucks County Health Department will not send us a copy.  If your water tests positive for coliform bacteria you may have to take some additional steps to correct the issue (we will send you an informative letter once we receive your polluted test results), but you will have complied with our ordinance so forward the result to us as soon as you receive it.

Frequently Asked Questions