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  • An Electrical Permit Application is required.
  • If the generator is fueled by natural gas include a Mechanical Permit Application with a piping diagram indicating materials used.
  • Submit a copy of your PECO application for an “Increase In Natural Gas Usage”.
  • If the generator is fuel by propane a mechanical permit IS NOT REQUIRED (propane is exempt from local municipality permits by State regulation).
  • Provide two copies of installation instructions that show how far the generator is to be located from combustible construction, windows that open etc.
  • Include two copies of a site plan that show the location of the generator and its distance from the building, opening windows and property lines.
  • A site plan can be hand drawn or a “Google Earth” or other print of the property.
  • The generator should be no closer than 7 feet to property lines.

Click Here for the Mechanical Permit application

Click Here for the Electrical Permit application