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Only a structure with a floor area 144 square feet or less, with a maximum height of 20 feet, is classified as a “shed”; a structure greater than 144 sq. ft. is an “Accessory Building” (see separate Guidelines).

  • Submit your application for a shed on the Zoning Permit Application form.
  • A shed is permitted to be no closer than 7 feet to the property line.
  • Enclose two copies of a site plan showing existing features, including septic field if applicable, with location and dimensions of the proposed shed. Show the distance the shed will be to the rear and side property lines. Show dimensions and location of any Easements on the property.
  • Complete the Impervious Surface work sheet.
  • A site plan can be hand drawn or use a “Google Earth” or other aerial print of the property.
  • If electricity is run to the shed, an Electrical Permit Application will be required.

Click Here for the Zoning Permit application