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Impacts of Pesticides and Solutions for Reduction and Elimination in our Environment

 A.) General information about Pesticides and their Impacts:

-Pesticide Action Network:

-Pesticides 101:

-Beyond Pesticides:

B.) Specific Pesticide Impacts on Children and Pets:

-Pesticide Exposure in Children from Am. Academy of Pediatrics:

-National Pesticide Information Center: Pesticides and Children:

-Beyond Pesticides: Children and Pesticides Don’t Mix:

-PetMed: The Dangers of Lawn Chemicals for your Pets:

Pets and Pesticides: Keeping our Companions Safe:

C.) Solutions for a Toxic-free Lawn:

Perfect Earth Project:

-Non-toxic Communities: Organic alternatives:

-More Sustainable Alternatives to a Grass Lawn:

-Beyond Pesticides: Organic Lawn Care 101:

 D.) How you can help: Learn more about Natives and Consider Certifying your Yard:

-Native Plants: Four Seasons:

-Native Plant Database:

-National Wildlife Federation:

-Bird Habitat Recognition Program:

-Penn State’s Master Watershed Friendly Certification Program:

Websites for Protection from Pesticides for Flora and Fauna

 –Beyond Pesticides Resources and Educational Materials:;

-PA Pollinator Protection Plan:

-Xerces Society: Protecting Habitats from Pesticide Contamination

-Reducing Pesticide Use and Impacts:

-Bee Protective Habitat Guide:

-Xerces: Protecting Pollinators at Home:


-Driftwatch: – This site helps to identify where a specialty crop is planted to and to use as a tool for reduced mosquito spraying