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  • Accessory Buildings are structures with a floor area 145 square feet or greater, with a maximum height of 20 feet. A structure less than 145 sq. ft. is a “Shed” (see separate Guidelines). Accessory Buildings have to conform to the main building setbacks (distance from property lines) of the Zoning District. If in doubt about your Zoning District and setbacks look at the Zoning Map and Chapter 175 of the Twp. Code accessible on the Twp. website. However, some developments have unique setbacks; the Code Enforcement office will be able to supply those setbacks.
    • Submit your application for an Accessory Buildings between 145 sq. ft. and 999sq.ft. on a Zoning Permit Application form.
    • Submit your application for an Accessory Building 1000 sq.ft. or GREATER on a Building Permit Application form.
    • Enclose two copies of a site plan showing existing features, including septic field if applicable, with location and dimensions of the proposed Accessory Building. Show the distance the Accessory Building will be to the main dwelling, rear and side property lines. Show dimensions and location of any Easements on the property. Show grade/slope of site at proposed structure location.
    • Complete the Impervious Surface work sheet.
    • Show compliance with Stormwater requirements, Ch.148 in the Township Code
    • For total land disturbance 1000 sq. ft. or greater include a copy of your Conservation District permit (
    • For total land disturbance 5000 sq. ft. or greater also apply for a Twp. Grading Permit.
    • Enclose two copies of construction details.
    • If any utilities, electrical, plumbing or mechanical, are being supplied to the Accessory Building, submit all permit applications at the same time.
    • If exterior lighting is associated with the Accessory Building, cut sheets of the light fixtures (required to be shielded down lighting that does not shine over the property boundary) and an Electrical Permit Application will also be required.
For a Zoning Permit application for Accessory Buildings between 145 sq. ft. and 999 sq. ft., Click Here
Building Permit application for Accessory Buildings 1,000 sq. ft. or greater, Click Here