PRWR Road Program Curbing and Paving Projects Update

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Please see the following schedule for the Pebble Ridge / Woodridge Road Program Curbing and Paving Project

Week of 10/12

Reamstown Excavating and their sub-contractors (Prieto Corporation and Lyons & Hohl Paving) will be completing work on Pebble Ridge Road, Pebble Crest Road, Shady Brook Circle, and possibly Stony Lane.  This work includes roadway paving restoration, driveway apron paving and yard restoration (behind curb).

Week of 9/21

Reasmstown Excavating will mobilize on site to start the removal of the existing combination curb and gutter, prepare the new curb sub-base for Prieto Corporation to bring in a curb machine to install the new curbing.

Residents should be advised of the following:

  • The exiting combination curb and gutter will be removed in front of their property and there will be open trenches at times.  The curb and gutter in front of their driveway will be removed and temporarily replaced with stone.
  • Access to residential driveways will be restricted temporarily during the day (when work is in being done in front of their property), however access will be restored as soon as the demolition/removal is complete.
  • When the new curbing is installed, access will be restricted to residential driveways for a day or two while the concrete sets.
  • Driveway grades will be adjusted as needed to meet the new curb elevation.  Maximum length of driveway adjustment is anticipated not to exceed 20 feet from the curbline into the properties, and may be less in most cases.
  • Contractors will be allowed to store equipment and material within the existing road right-of-way, which includes in the roadway and/or the grass area immediately behind the exiting curb and within public right-of-way.

Week of 9/14

SAS Geospatial, LLC (surveyor) will start survey stake-out for the curbing project on the following roads.  The surveyor will be in a vehicle identified with their company logo, they will also be wearing florescent survey attire, and they will be following Covid 19 protocols (wearing of masks and staying socially distant from residents).

  • Pebble Crest Road
  • Pebble Ridge Road
  • Shady Brook Circle

Survey stake-out will include the placement of wood survey stakes approximately every 50’ or less, 5’ behind the exiting edge of the combination curb and gutter within the existing roadway right-of-way. Residents are requested not to remove or disturb the survey stakes, as replacing them will add delay and cost to the project.

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For more information regarding the Pebble Ridge / Woodridge (PRWR) Sewer Project, click here.

If you have questions regarding the project, please call the Township administrative office at 215-348-9915.

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