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  • For a free standing or roof mounted system use a Zoning Permit Application form.
  • Include a site plan showing the size and location of the installation. Free standing systems are to conform to the requirements for accessory structures: meet the principal building setbacks of the zoning district and be no taller than 20 feet.
  • A site plan can be hand drawn or use a “Google Earth” or other aerial print of the property.
  • An Engineer of Architect is to supply a signed report indicating that an existing roof is adequate to support the extra load of a roof mounted system, or provide detail drawings of how the roof is to be modified to take the extra load.
  • If roof modifications are to be made, a Building Permit Application is required with two signed and sealed copies of the construction details.
  • All applications will require an Electrical Permit Application and two copies of installation wiring diagrams reviewed and approved by a Third Party Electrical Plan Review Agency. (See Forms for Download on the Twp. website or the PA Dept. of Labor & Industry website for a list of Third Party Agencies).
  • Part 1 of the Utility Interconnection Agreement is to be submitted with the permit applications. (The final inspection of the installation will not be approved until Part 2, the Utility Company approval, is received by the Code Office).

Click Here for the Zoning Permit application

Click Here for the Electrical Permit application

Click Here for the Building Permit application if roof modifications are needed