• Submit your application for a Patio on a Zoning Permit Application form.
  • Enclose two copies of a site plan showing existing features, including septic field if applicable, with location and dimensions of the proposed Patio. Show the distance the Patio will be to the rear and side property lines. Indicate the location of built-in features like a natural gas grill or a gas/wood burning fireplace and show their distances to combustible construction and property lines. Show dimensions and location of any Easements on the property.
  • A site plan can be hand drawn or use a “Google Earth” or other aerial print of the property.
  • Show compliance with Stormwater requirements, Ch.148 in the Township Code.
  • For total land disturbance 1000 sq. ft. or greater include a copy of your Conservation District permit (www.bucksccd.org).
  • If any utility such as natural gas (propane is exempt from local municipality permits by State regulation) or electricity is run to the Patio, appropriate Permit Applications will be required.
  • If exterior lighting is associated with the Patio, cut sheets of the light fixtures (required to be shielded down lighting that does not shine over the property boundary) and an Electrical Permit Application will also be required.
  • Any steps with 4 or more risers will require a handrail; a guard will be required if the edge of the flight of stairs exceeds 30 inches above grade.

Click Here for the Zoning Permit application