About Us

The Doylestown Township Department of Parks and Recreation offers a variety of services and activities to residents and visitors. Over 30 miles of trails wind through Doylestown Township and are suited for a variety of activities including walking/running and bilking.

The park system provides wonderful opportunities for residents and visitors to explore and enjoy. Our 400 acres of dedicated parks and parkland include 7 parks that range in size from 6 to 140 acres. Our parks are diverse and offer both active and passive areas and include both organized and self-directed activities and special events, wildlife/plant observation and interpretation. Active pursuits such as hiking, biking, exercise, tennis, Pickleball, and other recreational pursuits are also enjoyed.

General Information

Our Commitment to You
As residents and customers you deserve the best possible service, programs and facilities! Doylestown Township Parks and Recreation department, promises to do everything possible to cheerfully and respectfully serve you by providing clean, safe facilities; enjoyable, safe programs; and timely and effective services, which includes, listening and responding to your suggestions and concerns.