Leaf & Yard Waste Disposal


We are about to enter the season when we start to realize we have an ever increasing mountain of leaves and yard waste to deal with. There are several ways you can dispose of leaf and yard waste in Doylestown Township.

The best for a wooded or natural area of your garden is to let the leaves lay and naturally decompose to enrich the soil and feed the trees and shrubs.

Next best is to collect the leaves and, after shredding if possible, compost the leaves which will provide a rich organic mulch for your garden.

If you wish the leaves to be removed from your property you have several options:

  1. The Township licensed trash hauler that you contract with for the collection of your recyclables is required to provide both a Spring and Fall leaf collection. If you are uncertain of those collection dates contact your trash hauler directly for the dates and any requirements they may have for the collection.
  2. You can contract with a landscaper who can dispose of your leaves and yard waste at a commercial recycling center.
  3. Residents may use their own vehicles (no landscape or commercial vehicles accepted) to bring leaves and yard waste to the drop off site at the New Britain Road entrance to Central Park. This Drop of Site is open every third Saturday of the month, March to December from 9am to 11am. All yard waste is to be removed from containers when dropped off; no leaf bags, boxes or plastic bags can be accepted. Please do not dump yard waste at the site on any other days when the drop off area is not manned.

When collecting leaves, please remember to contain them on your own property and not to pile them into the street or drainage swales where they would impede the free flow of Stormwater and lead to localized flooding. Following are the Township Code sections requiring debris free streets:

In order to keep Township roads open, free, unclogged and safely passable and ditches properly drained, from and after the effective date of this article it shall be unlawful for anyone to cause a nuisance of any kind on roads or ditches or suffer, allow, permit, maintain or deposit in any ditch or on any road in said Township any dirt, ground, mud, gravel, sand, stones and debris; and the same is hereby prohibited.

In case any person or persons shall violate this article, the Supervisors shall have the power to remove any dirt, ground, mud, gravel, sand, stones and debris and all other nuisances from roads and ditches, after written notice so to do to the person or persons who have caused or are responsible for the same, delivered to his or their last known address, and, in his or their default, to collect the cost of such removal, together with a penalty as provided in § 1-13 of Chapter 1, General Provisions, for the use of the Township from the person or persons so causing the same, by summary proceedings.

For more information, including the list of licensed trash haulers and their contact information please view the Trash and Recycling page on the Township website.

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