Areas of Concern/Responsibility

• Observation, discussion and recommendations relative to ongoing maintenance, management and operations of the Dog Park.
• Follow-up review and discussion of incident reports received and action taken.
• Follow-up review and discussion of incident reports received and action taken.
• Review, recommendations and support (when necessary) relative to special event requests.
• Establishment and coordination of Site Watch Program for safety, security and adherence to rules & regulations.
• Coordinate for clean-up days and or other activities deemed appropriate and/or beneficial. This may be done in cooperation with the FDDP
• Communicate with FDDP relative to continued fundraising for park amenities and capital needs.

Doylestown Dog Park Members

Have an interest and commitment to the value of the Doylestown Dog Park. 2) Have a commitment to the operational procedures as established. 3) Understand and support the financial commitment and fee structure established for ongoing operations and maintenance. 3) Understand and serve as an advocate for the park as well as rules and regulations. 4) Contribute to the awareness of DP

  • Kathy Brown, Chairperson
  • Deborah McComas, Vice Chairperson
  • Donna Cawthorne, Secretary
  • Karen A. Sweeney, Staff Liaison
  • Andrew Miller
  • David Cochran, Member at Large
  • Warren Grant, Member at Large
  • Katelynn Sterk, Doylestown Borough
  • Kristin McCoach, Doylestown Borough
  • Caroline Brinker, Borough Liaison
  • Barbara N. Lyons, Board of Supervisors, Liaison
  • 5:00 PM
  • 1st Monday Monthly
  • Administration Trailer Large Conference Room