Voluntary efforts to reduce water usage can be easily accomplished by residents.  Simply shortening showers, turning water off while brushing teeth, and washing only full loads of dishes or laundry can add up to considerable water savings.  Consider a 10 minute shower running at 10 gallons per minute, if turned off in 8 minutes, saves 20 gallons or 20%.  On average, a single family home may use 300 gallons of water a day.  A 10% savings is only 30 gallons.  It seems insignificant, but multiplied by the Township’s 5,000 plus homes and suddenly 30 gallons is a whopping 150,000 gallons per day.  Above all else, fix those leaks! A pinhole 1/32″ in size can lose 260 gallons of water a day, enough for a family to live comfortably each day.

Two helpful hints to public water users: when the house is quiet, take a peek at the water meter mounted on your supply line, usually found in the basement.  If the little dial is moving and you’re not using water, something is leaking, usually a toilet, and it is wasting water that you are paying for. Or, if you hear (yes, you can put your ear to the meter) a gushing or hissing sound, contact the Authority office immediately, as water may be leaking at the curb connection.  We’ll be glad to check it out at no charge.