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At Doylestown Township Municipal Authority (DTMA), we take great pride in providing you with the highest quality drinking water possible.  In order to consistently maintain the high level of quality we strive for, DTMA has initiated a comprehensive backflow prevention/cross-connection control program.  According to the PA State Plumbing Code International Plumbing Code (IPC) and the PA Safe Drinking Water Regulations, Chapter 109 and Doylestown Township Ordinance No. 350 we are authorized and required by state regulations to have you install, at your expense, an inline testable backflow prevention device. Under most circumstances, single family residential homes have a non-testable backflow preventer in place. This backflow preventer is called a residential dual check valve and most cases will help to safe guard the potable water supply. There are a few exceptions in which a testable backflow device is required for residential applications.  Please call DTMA for information.

As a public water supplier, it is our responsibility to ensure that your drinking water is safe and free of contaminants at all times.  Backflow induced contamination of drinking water systems can (and has) caused equipment damage, illness, and even death. In order to protect our distribution system (water mains) from contamination originating from backflow we are requiring all customers to install a containment backflow prevention device.  This device should be installed just past the meter prior to any take-off lines.  The meter should not be removed during this process!

The type of device that you install will be either a reduced pressure principal assembly or a double check valve assembly.  The device that you are required to install will be determined according to the degree of hazard classification of your business.  You will need to contact our Cross-Connection Control Program Coordinators, Scott Miele or Brent Eaton at 215-348-9915 to answer some questions on a short survey to determine which device is appropriate for your service connection.  Once it is determined what type and size of device needs to be installed on your service, you will need to contact a licensed plumber to install the backflow device.  All applicable plumbing codes must be followed by a licensed plumber who is registered to perform work in Doylestown Township.

Immediately after the device is installed it must tested by an ASSE certified tester who is required to report to the authority that the installation and testing of the backflow prevention device has been completed.  After the installation and initial test you will receive annual testing notices.  It is your responsibility to maintain this device in working order and to have the device tested annually.