Location: 1260 Almshouse Road, Warrington
Google Map: Doylestown Dog Park
Hours: 6 am – 9pm (or sunset, whichever comes first)

  • Closed for Maintenance: 2nd Tuesday of the Month | 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM

The Doylestown Dog Park is a 3 acre fenced area at Turk Park where dogs are allowed to play off leash. The dog park is divided into three sections: a one-acre large dog area, a one-acre small dog area that is reserved for dogs smaller than 30 pounds and a rotation area that is closed on a rotational basis for rest and maintenance.

The Doylestown Dog Park is open to registered members only. This beautiful space is open to responsible dog lovers, and their well-behaved dogs that are willing to uphold the park system and off-leash area rules and regulations. Membership is valid for one year from registration. We will provide courtesy notices of license vaccine and membership renewal.

Steps to become a member:

  1. Potential members must register for and attend the free Dog Park Orientation class [click here].
  2. Provide required application forms, vaccination records, proof of dog license and orientation certificate to the Township.
  3. Preregister for membership and make payment.
  4. Obtain key fob to access the facility.
  5. Enjoy the park!

Questions, Inquiries, Concerns: Contact the administration office at 215-348-9915 or info@doylestownpa.org.

Dog Park Rules
Getting Started – Create Household Account
Orientation & First Time Registration
First Time Registration
Annual Renewal
Dog Park Advisory Board
Canine Classes
Dog Park Rules

The Doylestown Dog Park is a facility for members, their guests and registered dogs only, requiring a valid key fob to enter. Admitting non-members is strictly prohibited.


These Rules and Regulations have been put in place for the safety of dog park members and their dogs. To ensure safe and enjoyable times for all, members are expected to adhere to all Doylestown Dog Park Rules and Regulations as well as Doylestown Township Park System Rules and Regulations (Chapter 119 Parks and Recreation Areas – Ord. 266) at all times.

The Doylestown Dog Park consists of:
  • The on-leash entry Pavilion
  • The off-leash Large Dog Area, which must be used (only) by dogs above 30 lbs.
  • The off-leash Small Dog Area, which must be used (only) by dogs 30 lbs. or less
Key Fob Entry:
  • Member access is by key fob.
  • Key fobs are non-transferable and may be used only by members to whom they are issued.
  • Providing access to others is prohibited.
  • Key fobs remain the property of Doylestown Township Parks and Recreation and may be recalled or deactivated (at any time). (Are these 3 words needed?)
  • A key fob lost or not operating properly must be reported to the Doylestown Township office at 425 Wells Road, 215-348-9915 during business hours.
A Dog Park Member in good standing is defined as:
  • an adult 18 years or older
  • with a Doylestown Dog Park registered dog or dogs
  • having attended a Doylestown Dog Park Orientation
  • completed and signed Doylestown Dog Park membership forms
  • is current with Doylestown Dog Park fees
  • in possession of an activated Doylestown Dog Park key fob.
A Registered Dog is defined as:
  • 6 months or older
  • if male, neutered or if female, not in season
  • Doylestown Township Parks and Recreation Department has received
    • verification, in writing, of a current county dog license
    • record of current required vaccinations
A Dog Park Guest is defined as:
  • an individual 14 years or older
  • accompanied by a member, who accepts full and complete responsibility for the actions of the guest
  • No more than 2 guests are permitted per member.
  • Guest dogs are not permitted.
  • No one under 14 years of age is permitted past the main entry gate.
Dogs must be well behaved at all times. Prohibited dogs include:
  • Dogs who have received a Pennsylvania Dog Law citation for aggressive behavior
  • Dogs that are overly aggressive/domineering/bullying dogs, overly submissive dogs or non-socialized dogs
  • Dogs with a communicable disease are prohibited until cleared by a veterinarian.
Getting Started – Create Household Account
  1. Get started by logging into your household account or creating a household account.
  2. All dogs must be entered as members in your household (you will be asked to identify
    “human” or canine”
  3. Please consider “opting in” for email notifications to receive updates/announcements
    relative to the dog park.
  4. Visiting the dog park
    • Who MAY go to the dog park?
      • Household members over the age of 18 that will be taking the registered dog(s) to the dog park that have attended an orientation session.
      • Registered dogs with current paperwork and shot records.
    • Who may NOT go to the dog park?
      • Anyone over the age of 18 that has not attended an orientation session.
      • Unregistered dogs.
      • Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted in any section of the dog park (including the pavilion).
Orientation & First Time Registration

The success of the Doylestown Dog Park is due in part to the unique mandatory education session that is required for all park users and submission of dog license, vaccinations and attendance at an educational orientation session. We believe that our requirements result in a better educated participant who understands their responsibility as a dog park user, resulting in a positive experience for all. Register for Orientation [click here]

Dog Park Orientation (attendance required for membership):

  • Preregistration is required [click here]
  • No walk-In participation is permitted

1st Time Member Registration > Pre-Orientation

  • Gather and complete all required membership materials including,
    •  Application
    • Current Dog License (receipt for current year or Lifetime license)
    • Current shot records to include Rabies, DHPP/DHLPP and Bordetella
    • Email “completed documents to mmtrag@doylestownpa.org.
  • Following receipt and verification payment will be requested (credit card only).
  • Payment will be processed and receipt forwarded via email.
  • Key fob will be issued at the conclusion of the scheduled orientation session.
  • Access Key Fobs will be activated in the morning on the next business day following orientation.
  • Do not bring your dog(s) to orientation
General Information
  • minimum registration of six (6) people is required for the session to run
  • When registering please note that even though there is no charge, you must check out and complete the payment screen in order to be registered for the orientation session. Choose the “no payment” option to complete your registration.
  • Attendance at the full orientation session in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Plan to arrive early as late entry will not be permitted once the session has begun.
  • At the end of the session, you will receive an attendance certificate required for registration.
First Time Registration

First time registration can be done either immediately following the orientation session or at the Administration office at 425 Wells Road, Doylestown. All required registration materials must be submitted at time of registration. The following are required and will be kept on file:

Required Materials

  • Membership Application: Pages 19-22 of the Dog Park Manual printed, completed, initialed and signed.
  • Records: Copies of the following required documents must be submitted at time of registration:
    • Dog License (yearly or Lifetime) or receipt from purchase
    • Rabies Certificate (or veterinary record showing current status)
    • DHPP or DHLPP (veterinary record showing current status)
    • Bordetella (veterinary record showing current status)
    • Orientation Completion Certificateprovided at conclusion of the orientation session
  • Payment
    • Check payable to Doylestown Township or Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover)
Annual Renewal
  • Log into your household account.
  • Click [register], [memberships], [dog park membership]
  • Follow any prompts as specified.
  • Select the appropriate renewal category.
  • Your selection(s) will be placed in the “shopping cart”.
  • Check out and complete payment process to complete your registration.

Dog Park membership is valid for a period of one year. No refunds are made relative to Dog Park membership.

Dog Park Advisory Board

The Dog Park Advisory Board (DPAB) is a group of dog park members, citizens, park and recreation staff and officials that strive to  maintain a model dog park and responsible dog ownership in order to promote mutual respect, safety, and enjoyment for all park users.

The DPAB works diligently to monitor overall dog park operations, oversee orientations, review incidents, encourage responsible dog ownership, plan and implement programs, create new opportunities and offer recommendations to  improve park guidelines to enhance the dog park and  allow all park users to safely enjoy their time at the Dog Park.

Canine Classes

Contracted Dog Training Instructor

Susie Danzis

Susie is the owner of Training Tails Dog Training, a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and recognized by The American Kennel Club as a Canine Good Citizen® (CGC), Temperament Test (ATT) and S.T.A.R. Puppy Program Evaluator.   In 2008, she was voted “Favorite Dog Trainer” and in 2010 voted “Best Dog Trainer” by the Greater Philly Tails Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards. She’s been voted “Best of Bucks” or “One of the Best of Bucks” in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Susie served on the Board of Directors for Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs from November 2011 to October 2015 and currently serves as a Board Advisor. She has been a Certified Therapy Dog Evaluator for Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. since November 2013.

Susie was instrumental in the development of the Doylestown Dog Park and serves as the lead trainer facilitating the dog park orientations.

Canine Programs

The Doylestown Township Park and Recreation system continues to be a dog- friendly environment. Dogs are allowed in all parks as long as they are on leashes unless the area is identified as “no dogs” or at the Dog Park. The Park and Recreation Department promotes “Responsible Dog Ownership” which encourages dog owners to show respect for other park users, other dogs, and their own dogs. By practicing responsible ownership, dog owners can positively impact everyone’s experience in our public parks. Information/Registration, click.