A geothermal system is a mechanical device for heating or cooling which involves the use of deeply buried piping to utilize the steady underground temperature to warm or cool fluids within the system which in turn heats or cools the building. Closed loop geothermal systems are approved for use in Doylestown Township. A Bucks County Health Department Well Permit is required for all geothermal systems.

  • Submit your application on a Mechanical Permit Application form.
  • An Electrical Permit Application form is to be submitted if a new electrical circuit is being run to the equipment.
  • Include a copy of any equipment installation instructions.
  • Include a copy of the Bucks County Health Department Well Permit.
  • Enclose two copies of a site plan showing existing features, including septic field if applicable, with location of the proposed geothermal well locations. Show the distance the well locations will be to the rear and side property lines. Show dimensions and location of any Easements on the property.
  • A site plan can be hand drawn or a “Google Earth” or other print of the property.
  • Show protective measures to be taken during drilling so as not to impact neighboring properties with water run-off.
  • Any land disturbance over 1000sq.ft.  will require a permit from the Conservation District (www.bucksccd.org). If applied for include a copy of this permit with your application.

Click Here for the Mechanical Permit application

Click Here for the Electrical Permit application