Fences and walls are permitted to be a maximum height of 8 feet in the side and rear yards, and 6 feet in the front yard. No fence or wall is permitted in the street right of way; contact the Code Enforcement office if you wish to apply for a fence/wall in the front yard but are not certain how far up your property the right of way extends. It is expected with traditional post and panel fencing that the posts face into the property applying for the permit.

There is no set distance that a fence or wall has to be from a property line, however, it cannot be located on the property line as that is jointly owned with your neighbor. The recommendation is that if the fence or wall has to be maintained, or grass cut behind it, it should be located far enough from the property line that you can access behind it without stepping onto the neighboring property.

  • Submit your application for a fence/wall on the Zoning Permit Application form.
  • Enclose two copies of a site plan showing existing features, including septic field if applicable, with location and height of the proposed fence/wall. Show the distance the fence/wall will be to the property lines. Show dimensions and location of any Easements on the property, a fence or wall is not permitted within an Easement.
  • For fences or walls in a front yard show “Right of Way” and distance fence will be from the center of the road. If you are unsure of the location of the Right of Way line in your front yard the Code Enforcement office will be able to help you.
  • A site plan can be hand drawn or use a “Google Earth” or other aerial print of the property.
  • Walls over 4 feet tall, or any wall supporting a surcharge will require a signed and sealed engineered construction plan.
  • For fences that form part of the barrier around a pool, see the swimming pool leaflet in the Code Enforcement Guidelines section of this website.

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