Township Manager
Stephanie J. Mason

Assistant Township Manager 
Stacy E. Crandell

Chief of Police
Dean Logan

Municipal Authority Executive Director
Keith Hass

Director of Operations
Dave Tomko

Road Superintendent
Paul Garr

Water Superintendent
Brent Eaton

Chief Water Operator
Mark Matakonis

Parks Superintendent
Chris Mason

Finance Director
Kenneth Wallace

Director of Code Enforcement / Emergency Management Coordinator
Sinclair Salisbury

Fire Marshal/Facilities Manager
Rick Schea

Director of Parks and Recreation
Karen A. Sweeney

Parks and Recreation: Recreation Program Manager
Lisa Pearsall

Open Records Officer 
Margaret M. Trageser

Tax Collector
Sarah J. Tomlinson, MBA

Township Engineer
Sean Torpey, P.E. / Senior Project Engineer, Pennoni Associates

Township Solicitor
Jeff Garton, Begley, Carlin & Mandio

Township Traffic Consultant
Matt Johnson, Pennoni Associates

Township Planning Consultant
Judith Stern Goldstein, Gilmore & Associates, LLC.