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The Authority’s mission is to deliver drinking water meeting or exceeding requirements of the Federal & State Safe Drinking Water Act; to provide capacity and storage facilities capable of providing fire suppression water when needed; to construct and expand the distribution system as necessary to maintain the health, safety and welfare of Doylestown Township residents


The Authority was formed by Doylestown Township in 1978 to better meet the water and sewer needs of the Township.  The Authority then served in a planning and advisory role to the Board of Supervisors until 1986 when it took ownership of the existing sewer system known as Kings Plaza and the newly developing Doylestown Estates and The Greens water systems.  In 1987, Doylestown Township entered into agreement with the Authority subject to following the general guidelines of the water and sewer plan as prepared by Huth Engineers and several operating restrictions.  It was agreed the Authority could utilize the services of Township employees and in so doing, would reimburse the Township for all expenses related thereto.  This arrangement continues to this day.

In 1988 the first full time staff member that was dedicated to operating the Authority’s sewer and water systems, was hired.  The Authority now employs a staff of five highly skilled and trained operators in order to keep the water flowing on a daily basis.

In 1993, the Authority sold its interest in the public sewer system to Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority.  That Authority had been operating the public sewer system generally in the northern areas of the Township but now manages the public sewer system throughout Doylestown Township.